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Methamphetamine contamination can be a major problem for real estate buyers, sellers, owners, renters and related professionals. This website offers resources for people whose lives have been affected by indoor contamination and those who wish to avoid it.

Chemical fumes and vapors ride on the natural air flow currents in buildings. Heat naturally rises taking fumes upward in what is called a stack effect. Hot air rises and will find any openings to escape through. The chemical fumes that are a by-product of the drug seep into plaster, paint, carpet, the walls, furnishings and the floor, and it is very difficult to remediate properly. 

Mould contamination in a home is usually visible and easily identified.  However, not all mould is visible, as contamination may be in cavities, behind walls or the ceiling.  When a rental property has mould, the owner should fix any mould caused by faults in gutters or other fixtures, but the tenant must make sure there is adequate ventilation throughout, to help avoid mould problems during winter.

Real Estates and Property Managers have a Duty of Care to their clients to ensure every residence is free from contamination and provide the client with Peace of Mind. 

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